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• Most Fibre deployments boasts connectivity speeds of up to 100Mbps
• Operating costs can be reduced as fibre requires alot less maintenance, is not as demanding on electricity, and more far more reliable than copper
• Fibre has a much lower latency than other forms of connectivity, which will result in improved communication and responses over the link
• Communications are clearer and more reliable because fibre networks are not affected by electrical interference
• Unlike copper, fibre will not corrode
• Physical restrictions will not affect fibre access and speed, and is not impacted by the distance your office is from the switching points
• Fibre is able to carry larger information loads further because the signal is not lost over longer distances
• Fibre is much safer than copper because it uses light instead of electrical currents that create heat and could be a fire hazard
• Fibre is considered a ‘once in a generation’ investment, and users will not experience downtime because of theft or the need to replace

Unrivaled Benefits

• 100% Committed Internet Access
• Full Duplex /Synchronous data transfer
• Low to zero% packet loss
• Low Latency
• Reliable
• Not impacted by Cable Theft
• Enormous speeds can be provided

Unmatched Features

• Greater bandwidth
• Low attenuation and greater distance
• Security
• Immunity and reliability
• Design - Lightweight
• Migration
• Cost

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  • 100

    HD Movies

    Stream movies with 100% video quality
  • 1000

    Photo Sharing

    Share everything you want in a matter of moments
  • 100


    Upload at the same speed you download. Great for Streaming!
  • unlimited

    Unlimited Bandwidth

    Choose between a capped package, or go unlimited to never worry again!

Yes. ICASA requires you to have the necessary licenses in order to provision and operate a Fibre network.

More information on the Licensing in South Africa can be found in our Electronic Communications Licensing


Before you test just how fast your network connection is, remember that you are limited by the package by which you have purchased. Even if the equipment is capable of carrying higher speeds, you may be limited by your package.


You can get a very good estimate of your throughput capacity by flooding the link with traffic and measuring how long it takes to transfer the data.

Yes, there is one Bandwidth Optimisation facility which has been well accepted amongst providers called ViBE.

 Information on how ViBE works and other Bandwidth optimisation methods can be found in our Forum under Bandwidth Optimisation.

·         Fibre systems can be designed to provide "5 nines" availability.

·         Properly designed systems are virtually unaffected by most external elements. Design engineering includes an availability statistic which states a given percentage uptime. Design goals are so-called "5 nines" or 99.999% availability which translates into a few minutes per month.

·         Other than the effects of a cable cut, the only other variable is the equipment itself, which is no different than any other electronic device.

·         Absolutely!

·         The degree of latency is very low since Fibre transmission travels at light speed which makes this a perfect transmission for Voice communication.